Process Drama and Digital Storytelling – An Intervention for Narrative Building for ‘Tail-End’ Students

Mr S Rethinavel

Context of Discussion: Secondary School (Ages 13-16)

This process drama workshop leads participants through the experiences of an actual ‘tail end’ class who have used Process Drama and Digital Storytelling to build narrative skills. Learn about the educational theories employed to scaffold the program and engage in a discussion about the various practical challenges as well as positive outcomes. 

Topic of Interest: #education #processdrama #goingdigital #secondaryschool


S Rethinavel is a theatre practitioner and drama educator who specialises in the teaching of History and Social Studies. He has been teaching for the past nine years and his current interest lies in the usage of Drama and ICT in teaching Social Studies to Normal Technical children.

Recommended for:
Drama Educators, Language Arts Educators, Secondary School Teachers

01 Jul 2017

1000 to 1130


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