Child's Play

Ms Melissa Quek, Ms Nishna Mehta, Ms Jodi Thiele, Mr Terence Tan

Context of Discussion: Early Childhood to Primary School (Ages 4 to 12)

+ Unpacking - Fold, Crinkle, Roll, A Dance-Theatre for Young Audiences by Ms Melissa Quek (Singapore)

In this PechaKucha, choreographer Melissa Quek discusses the importance of time and play in the development of Fold, Crinkle, Roll, a dance-theatre for young audiences aimed at 3 to 8-year-olds. It addresses the search to create a performance about exploration and imagination using alternate modes of story-telling. Given this context, it investigates the collaborative approaches in the creative process. The presentation also captures the challenges and possibilities in working with paper to engage the imagination.

+ Making Theatre Accessible by Ms Nishna Mehta (India)

Nishna believes that theatre should be made accessible for every child and has made it her mission to bring the arts to children from all backgrounds. In this PechaKucha, hear about key takeaways from her experiences facilitating community drama projects for children from different backgrounds in urban and rural India.

+ Playing for our Future: How Puppetry Works as International Aid by Ms Jodi Thiele & Mr Terence Tan (Australia/Singapore)

Jodi Thiele and Terence Tan of Artsolute (Singapore) will share their process of working with refugees, youth and persons with needs through puppetry, using examples from the work of Dafa Puppet Theatre (Jordan), Irènia (UK/Spain), and Artsolute. They will also present the learning outcomes of the ASEAN Puppet Exchange, led by Artsolute from 2014 to 2016 and how they connected artists across borders, languages, traditions and cultures.

Topic of Interest: #performance #artistry  #multi-disciplinaryarts #process  #primaryschool 


Melissa Quek is a choreographer, performer and educator who has been working in the dance industry for the past 15 years. She is the Programme Designer/Manager for the MOE-NAC Dance Talent Development Programme (DTDP) and is a dance teaching artist for the Teaching through the Arts Programme (TTAP). She has served as a choreography mentor and often sets work on pre-professional dancers and enjoys multi-disciplinary collaborative works, site-based work and cause-based performances and workshops.

Nishna Mehta has been part of Gillo Repertory Theatre as a performer, technician and workshop facilitator since 2011. She has also worked with other theatre companies in Mumbai like Q Theatre Productions, Theatre Professionals Pvt. Ltd., The Drama School, Mumbai and the venue Prithvi Theatre. Nishna wishes to share with her audience the experience of watching plays that she had as a child. She is also a member of the ASSITEJ Next Generation Network. 

Jodi Thiele is trained in Teochew Rod Puppets (Penang), Khmer Shadow Puppets (Cambodia), Shadow Puppets with Richard Bradshaw (Australia) among others. She is also the associate artist at Artsolute and a facilitator and co-ordinator for South East Asian puppeteers at the ASEAN Puppet Exchange. Jodi is also a facilitator for the UN Children and Youth Humanitarian Aid Working Group (2015).

Terence Tan holds an M.A. in Theatre Studies from the National University of Singapore. He founded Artsolute to expand and promote the arts for social and community development. He was also lead coordinator of the ASEAN Puppet Exchange (2014-2016) and coordinator for the International Puppetry Association’s (UNIMA) Youth Commission as well as Creator of psychosocial intervention programmes "Artwards"and"Puppets & Passages".

Recommended for:
Artists, Applied Theatre Practitioners, Drama Educators

30 Jun 2017

1415 to 1445


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