Choreographical Practice for Babies - Interrelational Ecology and Immersion

Ms Dalija Acin Thelander

Context of Discussion: Babies

Explore key principles which underpin choreographer/theatre maker Dalija’s choreographic practice for babies. Grounded in sensorial-perceptual viewpoints and the latest developmental scientific research on infants, the workshop will challenge preconceptions you might have about the creative process, aesthetics and performativity of the performing arts for the youngest of audiences.

Topic of Interest: #performance #artistry #babies #multi-disciplinaryarts


Dalija Acin Thelander is a choreographer, theatre maker and cultural worker. She is involved in intensive research projects on choreographic practices for babies and children. Dalija's current work seeks to contribute to the notion of choreography as expanded practice and focuses on the activated role of the audience within immersive environments. Her performances as well as choreographed installations for babies “Baby Space” have travelled internationally. Currently, "Baby Space" is being commissioned and will be performed at "The Artground - A curious place to be", a new space for children 12 years and under. She lives in and has been based in Stockholm, Sweden since 2012.

Recommended for:
Artists, Educators, Programmers

30 Jun 2017

1000 to 1130


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