School Culture: Shaping Drama in Schools

Mr Choy Wai Wan, Ms Kang Chee Hui, Mr Khairulnizam Bin Hamid, Ms Tiara Mia-Medendorp, Ms Valane Tnee, Moderator: Mr Sean Tobin

Context of Discussion: Primary School to Junior College (Ages 7 to 19)

In this presentation, drama educators from four Singapore schools share the distinctive drama programmes from their respective schools. They discuss the ways their school cultures, personal educational philosophies and the teaching fraternities have helped shape and support these programmes.

Theatre and Truthfulness: Finding Ownership of Craft in Youth Theatre Interest Groups by Choy Wai Wan & Khairulnizam Bin Hamid (Singapore)

Explore the ways in which truthfulness and ownership can be fostered particularly within youth theatre interest groups in this short reflection of Tampines Junior College English Drama Society's two-year production cycle. In this presentation, drama educators Khairulnizam and Choy Wai Wan will describe, chart and explore their students' progress in the devising and rehearsal processes of two recent productions, 'Missing Mama' (2015) and 'Garisan Kuning' (2016) while examining how the alternating cycle of repertory and devised work can help students find their own voice and develop reflective engagement with issues close to their hearts.

Values Education Through Drama by Kang Chee Hui (Singapore)

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) & Drama Competitions are key events that Drama Club students participate in yearly. How can we make competitions less stressful and more meaningful for all? How can we ensure that students still experience the joy of learning in the midst of competitions? In this presentation, Chee Hui will share how her school St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School manages competitions by taking students on a journey of discovery and growth. Through meaningful devising processes that are value centered, students are empowered to create pieces that resonate with the cast and audience alike.

Developing Empathy through Process Drama Strategies to Increase Meaning-making in Pupils as part of Palm View Primary School’s Artizenry Programme by Tiara Mia-Medendorp (Singapore)

Learn about The Artizenry Project, a signature programme of Palm View Primary School. The project is a collaboration between the school, SDEA and the Yellow Ribbon Project to help children understand the context of society and culture. Through the arts, students first undergo meaning-making of issues using process drama strategies to place students in the shoes of a child, who in the narrative, faces difficulties in life due to his mother's incarceration. This experience allows students to empathise with such families, and in turn, they become advocates and a force for good, creating artworks to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

One Chance: Customising the Musical Experience for Secondary School Students by Valane Tnee (Singapore)

In this sharing session, you will see snippets of Clementi Town Secondary School’s nine-year journey in producing musicals. To date, they have put up five biennial musicals since 2009. Every musical is customised to be cross-disciplinary and designed to teach character education lessons. The musicals are open to students outside of Drama Club as well and students are trained as cast, crew and in creative work.

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Choy Wai Wan received his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English and Drama from Queen Mary, University of London. He wrote and directed 'Melodic Dystrophy' for the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and designed sound and lighting for 'Freddy Starr Ate My Hamster' at the same festival. His technical credits also include sound for 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' (2014) and lighting for 'The Virtuous Burglar' and 'The Open Couple' (2013). As an actor, he performed in London's Rich Mix Theatre for 'It Snows' (2012). Currently, he is working as a theatre educator in Tampines Junior College, Singapore.

Kang Chee Hui is a passionate drama educator who believes strongly in the transformational power of learning through Drama. She is currently the Subject Head of Performing Arts Education in St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School and is instrumental in the development of the school’s differentiated Drama Curriculum which started in 2000.

Khairulnizam Bin Hamid currently heads the A Levels Theatre Studies & Drama (TSD) Elective Programme at Tampines Junior College and has collaborated with several companies like TheatreWorks, Panggung Arts, Ageless Theatre, and Yellow Chair Productions. Khairul has also worked on numerous programmes and shows including the Singapore Arts Festival, Singapore Night Festival, Esplanade's Playtime! and Octoburst. Having worn many theatrical hats such as a director, dramaturge, producer, writer, actor, lighting designer and multimedia designer, Khairul finds great delight in exploring new roles.

Tiara Mia-Medendorp graduated with a Masters in Education, specialising in Drama in 2016. She has been actively involved in applied theatre projects, both in her teaching career as well as domains beyond teaching. In Palm View Primary School, she championed the usage of drama in a programme called ACT-cellence in the area of curriculum, character development as well as talent development.

Valane Tnee is the Subject Head of Literature and Drama in Clementi Town Secondary School (CTSS). She has been teaching in CTSS for ten years and started the Drama Club in 2010 and the school's musical journey in 2009. She has a fierce belief that all students should be given a chance to study literature and a mad commitment to show her students the steps to the stage, where they get to learn precious lessons about love, empathy and respect.

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Teachers, Drama Instructors, Teaching Artists, School Leaders

30 Jun 2017

1700 to 1800


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