Neuroeducation and the Arts: Understanding the Role of Neuroscience in Modern Education using NeuroTheatre™ and NeuroCeramics™

Mr Saravanan Manorkorum

Context of Discussion: Early Childhood to Primary School (Ages 4 to 12)

Voyage through the world of neuroeducation, where neuroscience and the arts come together to bring new learning experiences. You will be taken through a demonstration of a NeuroTheatreTM Programme to unpack these questions: What is the place of neuroeducation in our current education system, and how can our biology help mould teaching methodologies of the future?

Topic of Interest: #education #process #brain  #early childhood #primaryschool #biology #experimentation #pedagogy


Saravanan Manorkorum is the CEO of Da Vinci Group Pte Ltd, a premium education and staff development service provider. He received his BSc in biomedical science in 2007 with a focus in Neurobiology. He pursued a neuroscience research career with Temasek Life Science Laboratory and A*STAR before moving into the corporate world. 


Recommended for:
Primary School

01 Jul 2017

1500 to 1630


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