Leading the Drama Experience

Ms Nazreen Osman

Context of Discussion: Primary School (Ages 7 to 12)

In this workshop, Nazreen focuses on sharing her experiences using drama as pedagogy in Tampines Primary, the direction of Drama as an LLP (Learning for Life Programme) including professional development workshops conducted in school and cluster. Other areas of focus are: planning for drama in education and how drama is integrated in the EL syllabus. During the workshop, participants get to experience practical drama strategies and how it translates to language learning in the classroom.


Topic of Interest: #education #pedagogy #primaryschool 


Nazreen has great passion for using drama as pedagogy in English Language (EL). Her participation as a research activist in 2007 has led her into implementing drama as pedagogy into the school-based curriculum. In 2012, she has published a drama publication featuring her work. Nazreen received Associate Award in Academy of Singapore Teachers in 2013. Drama is a Learning for Life Programme (LLP)  in Tampines Primary led by Nazreen and her drama committee members. Nazreen is currently the Lead Teacher in English Language in Tampines Primary School.

Recommended for:
Drama Educators, Language Arts Educators, Primary School Teachers

30 Jun 2017

1000 to 1130


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