Buds Youth Theatre

"I'm not who they think I am.  I have my own beliefs." 

Two families: different ideologies, differing races, diverse cultures, divergent religions. Everything differs… except they don’t. As our protagonists’ lives slowly begin to unwind, the parallels between these two families reveal themselves. Our protagonists are lost, left with two choices - to follow the status quo or stand up for what they believe in. The only trouble is, what do they believe? And where do these radically different thoughts come from?

Written by Alicia Kan Rui En, Frozen was one of 15 scripts created during Buds Youth Theatre's script writing programme for young art-makers. The play is directed by Danny Jow and performed by Khairul Azri, Farah Aziz, Bani Iyad, Alicia Kan, Michaela Hay, Savithaa Markandu, Syaida Hamzah, Wan Sarah Masputri, Marc Braydon, supported by Jasmine Ngoh Ka Ling & Woo Choyy Yin.


BYT began in 2000, with the help of William Teo from Asia-in-Theatre. Originating as a free youth theatre for young enthusiasts to develop their skills and talents. To date BYT has touched the lives of multiple young people including Oon Shu An, Ebi Shankara & Sharda Harrsion. BYT is now facilitated by youth activist Masturah Oli, an Alumni of the programme.

Recommended for:
Artists, Drama Educators, Cultural Workers

30 Jun 2017

1700 to 1800


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