First You Have to Know How to Play!: Playfully Exploring the Nexus of Play and Drama in the Early Years

Dr Julie Dunn

Context of Discussion: Early Childhood (Ages 6 and below)

In this highly playful workshop, participants will explore in action the play vocabularies and dramatic skills required to support young children’s play and drama work. These vocabularies include those relating to role, with a focus on ensuring that adults who opt to become co-players are able to creatively, flexibly and playfully adopt a range of roles. Opportunities will also be offered for participants to experience drama strategies that are particularly suitable for children in the early years and also to explore the possibilities that can be generated when high quality stimulus and resource materials are used to support both play and drama.

Topic of Interest: #education #earlychildhood #play #dramaticskills #creativelearning


Dr Julie Dunn is an Associate Professor at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Her research work focuses on play, playfulness and drama education. She has published widely in these areas, with a specific interest being their points of intersection. With research projects involving participants as varied as young children, adult drama learners and people living with dementia, the contexts for Julie’s research work are highly diverse. Julie is keenly interested in the role of creativity and artistry in education and has devoted most of her professional life to expanding the role these play in education.

Recommended for:
Early Childhood Educators

01 Jul 2017

1500 to 1630


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