Transformative Drama Experiences

Ms Ainul Farhana Mohd, Ms Nur Sahirrah Safit & Ms Sofia Begum

Context of Discussion: Early Childhood (Ages 6 and below)

+ Classroom Alive: The Values of Play in Early Childhood by Ms Ainul Farhana Mohd

Drama puts to rest some outdated binaries between text-oriented and unconventional approaches. In this PechaKucha, as an Early Childhood Educator, Ainul Farhana finds incidental moments by the children worth capturing and transforming that into play or a drama experience. Ainul believes that drama brings any classroom alive. It is a form of play, a form of communication, a form of intensifying learning experiences and as a form of stimulating individual growth - for the children as well as for the educator. Ainul will elaborate on how children engage in serious play when they are highly immersed in the roles which they assume within the classroom space. Participants will also uncover some of the real challenges educators may face and how they overcome in switching roles, taking risk in children's play, dabbling in children's interest and extending incidental moments to a 'dramatically' - rich learning experience. 

+ Asian Youth Theatre Festival by Ms Nur Sahirrah Safit

The theme for the first Singapore based Asian Youth Theatre Festival is Cultural Identity. Challenging participants to wrestle with the notion of identity in an ever-changing global world. With the influence of technology, culture is diminished and identity blurred. The idea of this sharing is to help the youths untangle and reconnect with their communities, synergising with their past by confronting their futures. 

+Theatre for Children and Youth at the Esplanade by Ms Sofia Begum

The Esplanade is a performing arts center that aims to be a center for everyone. The children and youth team is a dedicated department entirely devoted to presenting and producing theatre, music and dance programmes that are catered for children and youth from ages 2 all the way to 18. This session aims to focus on the theatre programmes that the Esplanade has produced to meet the growing needs of children. With its PLAYtime series, the FYI series and community theatre programmes catered to primary and secondary school, the programming department has continuously evolved to work with communities to expand the reach of the theatre programmes as well as working closely with educators to form a holistic theatre experience that will benefit as many children as possible.

Topic of Interest: #education #early childhood #youth #festival 


Ainul Farhana has been working with young children for 13 years. She received her B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College in 2010 and her Master of Education (Drama) from the National Institute of Education this year. She is currently an Executive Principal at My First Skool and she believes that Drama is essential in every preschool classroom.

Nur Sahirrah Safit is a freelance theatre practitioner and drama educator. A recipient of the National Arts Council Scholarship, Sahirrah attained a BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts from the University of Essex (2012) and was selected for NAC's Youth Arts Overseas Attachment programme in the U.K (2014). She is the current Creative Director of Buds Theatre, a position she has held for the past five years and an Alumni of Buds Youth Theatre. Sahirrah will be the key Production Manager for the first Asian Youth Theatre Festival 2017.

With a background in education, Sofia works at the Esplanade to present and produce a multitude of theatre programmes that cater to children of different backgrounds and abilities. She is constantly looking for different approaches to programming and producing that can create affective theatre experiences for children with different abilities and background.

Recommended for:
Drama Educators, Cultural Workers, Programme Leaders, Early Childhood Educators

30 Jun 2017

1415 to 1445


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