Drama-in-Education: The Coming of Age Stories

Mr Nivash Gopalasamy, Mr Ningbei Zang, Mrs Adèle Jeffreys, Mr Rowan Bate

Context of Discussion: All Levels

+ Role of Theatre Craft in Indian Education System by Mr Nivash Gopalasamy (India)

This PechaKucha makes a case for how drama tools play an important alternative teaching pedagogy to the existing educational paradigm adopted by Indian and International Education Boards. Championing arts integration into STEM subjects, Nivash Gopalasamy will share the implementation of the best practices he has experienced in his work in India.

+ Drama Education in China by Mr Ningbei Zang (China)

In 2004, the Chinese government issued a statement that drama should be an important subject in education. Ten years later, the vision remained elusive with few schools buying into drama education. This PechaKucha, provides insights into the development of drama education in China and highlights the 2015 tipping point when Drama-in-Education and Theatre-in-Education began to reach more schools and informal learning spaces.

+ ATYP Foundation Commission Schools Partnership : Integrating Schools in the Creative developmet of a New Play by Mrs Adèle Jeffreys and Mr Rowan Bates from the Australian Theatre for Young People (Australia)

ATYP is the flagship company for new plays in Australia and its commissioned works are written specifically for young actors and young audiences. See how ATYP partners regional schools with their professional playwright and team of designers as a play is written, designed, rehearsed and performed. Students influence the ideas of the creative professionals through a series of video conferences and online activities and see the finished product via the ATYP Live Stream. The series of pictures will allows you to explore this unique and authentic way of involving young people in the development of plays for young people. 

Topic of Interest: #education  #theatreineducation #secondaryschool #primaryschool #earlychildhood


Nivash Gopalasamy leads the Human Resource and Training programmes for Crea-Shakthi, a theatre institution in Chennai. He holds a Post-Graduate Degree in Human Resource and has 11 years of experience as a theatre artist. Nivash trains schools, colleges and corporations in using drama and guides boards of education about incorporating Drama Education in Indian schools.

Ningbei Zang is a theatre director and producer based in Shanghai. He is also the president of Shanghai Theatremaker Organization. Zang has 30 productions under his belt as director, playwright and actor, and has presented more than 300 performances in China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, UK and Croatia. In 2014, he formed NINEDU Theatre Company, an organisation devoted to drama education in Shanghai.

Adèle Jeffreys has been Education manager at ATYP since 2010. Her flagship programs with the company include national live streaming of new Australian productions and online programs for schools that demystify the process of theatre making. Adèle has worked as a teacher for over 10 years in a wide variety of educational settings: primary, high schools and universities and has worked on national programs for the arts while at Arts Council England. 

Rowan Bate is ATYP's Education Coordinator. A graduate of theatre Nepean and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), he has worked as a freelance theatre-maker, producer and educator and was Theatre Programs Coordinator at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre from 2012-2016.

Recommended for:
Drama Educators, Cultural Workers, Programme Leaders

30 Jun 2017

1415 to 1445


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