Aliveness: Designing Drama Curriculums For Living

Mr Muneeb ur Rehman, Ms Herlin Putri Indah Destari, Ms Kang Chee Hui

Context of Discussion: Secondary School & Young Adults (Ages 13 and up)

+ Journey of the First Step: The Story of Pakistan's First Theatre Department in a School by Mr Muneeb ur Rehman (Pakistan)

Join Muneeb ur Rehman as he traces the journey of establishing Pakistan’s first ever Theatre Department in a government school located in Karachi’s most marginalised area - Lyari. What are some of the professional and personal challenges faced by the school faculty in this endeavour? The story heralds hope and poignant lessons for community workers, educators and drama innovators working at education-community nexuses everywhere.

+ Theatre For Life: A Journey of Self-Development by Ms Herlin Putri Indah Destari (Indonesia)

Herlin Putri will share her critical reflections of her work as director of Theatre for Life, a theatre for empowerment program initiated by English Art Lab community. For 6 months, 30 young people devised snippets about their experience of growing up as teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds. Explore how the collaborative nature of drama pedagogy can help young people develop their confidence, sense of agency, and awareness to be civically engaged.

+ An Inclusive and Collaborative Arts Programme For All by Ms Kang Chee Hui (Singapore)

Merging different art forms to reach a common artistic vision can be both exciting and challenging. In this presentation, Kang Chee Hui will share how St. Anthony's Cannossian Secondary School has enhanced the process of the school’s Bi-annual Public Performing Arts Concert, Arts Alive! to provide opportunities for collaboration and teamwork between Performing Arts Groups and Non-Performing Arts CCA students.

Topic of Interest: #education #community #secondaryschool #dramaclub #youngadult


Muneeb ur Rehman is a Karachi-based educator, theatre facilitator and improviser exploring crossroads of education, community and theatre-for-life. He has worked as an actor in a variety of roles in commercial theatre productions, dubbing/voice over artist for entertainment and news TV channels, and is a teacher at secondary, high school and college levels. The first to initiate Drama-in-Education as an academic discipline in the country, he is currently establishing Pakistan's first theatre department in a school setting in the marginalised area of Lyari.

Herlin Putri is a lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia where she teaches Drama and Introduction to British Literature and Culture through the English Study Program. In 2014, she earned a master’s degree with distinction, in Drama and Theatre in Education from the University of Warwick. Herlin is also founder of the English Art Lab; a non-profit organisation committed to providing access to education and arts for underprivileged children and young people in Indonesia. Her research interests include Applied Theatre and Drama Education Practice, Creative Pedagogy, Children and Youth Theatre, Service Learning, and Theatre for Civic Engagement.

Kang Chee Hui is a passionate drama educator who believes strongly in the transformational power of learning through Drama. She is currently the Subject Head of Performing Arts Education in St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School and is instrumental in the development of the school’s differentiated Drama Curriculum which started in 2000.

Recommended for:
Drama Educators, Cultural Workers, Programme Leaders

30 Jun 2017

1415 to 1445


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