Pedagogy and Pedagogues

Ms Cheryl Chen, Ms Hsieh Hua Jung, Mr Sisir Dutta, Moderator: Dr Charlene Rajendran

Context of Discussion: Primary School to Secondary School (Ages 7 to 16)

These papers tackle the use of innovative pedagogies in varying contexts to enrich socio-emotional wellness of youths.

+ What does pedagogy have to do with drama? by Ms Cheryl Chen (Singapore)

In her paper, Cheryl Chen proposes a differentiation between drama as pedagogy and drama as a pedagogy. Cheryl will describe the effect of teachers' conceptions of drama on its potential efficacy as seen in Singapore schools and suggest 'pedagogy' as a common language for teachers and artists who seek to work in schools to bridge any communication and conceptual gaps.

+ The Study of Possibly Integrating Environment Education in Theatre Creation and Performance by Students by Ms Hsieh Hua Jung (Taiwan)

In this study, in order to promote the awareness of Global Warming, the clips and pictures about environmental issues followed by a discussion were introduced to elementary students. Through Creative Drama and Theatre in Education,  students exchanged their thoughts about environmental issues through both body language and speech, and performed  these experiences in a play . After the performance,  students and their parents took part in Playback Theatre where they had the opportunity of communicating with the players directly about environmental issues.  

+  Theatre-in-Education (TIE) and Youth Engagement by Mr Sisir Dutta (Bangladesh)

Sisir Dutta  discusses the vital role youths could play for quality education and entertainment through creative and innovative means. Youths are eager to understand and adopt  new ideas and techniques to explore potentialities. TIE is an empowering tool to engage youth into facilitating educational process where they can discover their potencies in aesthetic form to engage young learners. In educational institutions, knowledge and information flow is mainly one-way and less-interactive especially in rural settings. Youth engagement through TIE is observed to be an effective way to  bridge the gaps  in traditional learning methods.

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Cheryl Chen is a doctoral candidate at the National Institute of Education in Singapore. Cheryl believes drama can empower and enhance student learning in Singapore's shifting education landscape. She shares her work with different audiences to dispel fears of teachers and artists, and encourage greater cross-disciplinary exploration. Cheryl hopes to inspire a generation of teachers to go beyond the conventional and seek ways of nurturing learners' curiosity and passion for living. 

Hsieh Hua Jung is a theater education facilitator, teaching drama in various levels of ages in Taiwan. She is committed  to integrating dramas into different art forms and topics since 2002. She is currently studying for an advanced degree from PhD. Program in Cultural Heritage and Arts Innovation Studies of Taipei National University of the Arts.

Sisir Dutta is the Founder and Executive Director of Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts. He has introduced diverse innovative initiatives including the residency theatre programme aimed at drawing out uniqueness in performing arts and culture.  As a theatre educator, he conducts drama workshops on Acting and Direction as well as workshops on grassroots theatre with communities at home and abroad. He is the President of ARTEN (Asia Regional Theatre Education Network) and Secretary of NADT (National Alliance for Development Theatre ). He has had articles published in national and international journals, and also directs full-length plays.

Recommended for:
Drama Educators, Researchers, Academics, Applied Drama Practitioners

01 Jul 2017

1500 to 1630


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