Playing to Make Sense

Ms Jennifer Wong, Ms Joeve Lio, Mr Muazzam

Context of Discussion: Primary School (Ages 7 to 12)

Playing to Make Sense explores the drama activities used in the pilot study and field work of a PhD research project that examines the role participatory drama plays in enabling a positive sense of self efficacy in children from low income families in Singapore. Using a strong reflective practitioner approach to the research process, the drama activities used in the playbuilding process evolved as a result of the observations, discussions and reflections of the facilitators of the drama programme and the youth worker from the partnering VWO. The drama activities and strategies employed in the playbuilding process were deliberately designed to explore the challenges faced by these children and to provide a platform to examine the possible ways of confronting and overcoming these difficulties. This workshop hopes to engage its participants in a discussion of the successes and failures of the activities and strategies employed in the research that were intended to engage the children from marginalised communities meaningfully.

Topic of Interest: #education #appliedtheatre #primaryschool


Jennifer Wong is currently pursuing her PhD with Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia and her research project examines the role drama plays in enabling a positive sense of self-efficacy in children from underprivileged homes in Singapore. She has been engaging children and youth from the low-income homes in drama since 2012. Jennifer is also a Lecturer in the Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology in Singapore Polytechnic, and she was part of the team that was instrumental in creating the course in 2007.

Joeve dedicates most of her time to people, music, theatre and visual arts. Currently, she freelances as a drama and visual arts educator. In the future, she would love to explore community and musical theatre, while travelling to places and immersing herself in the diverse language, arts and culture.

Zam is pursuing acting in the BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts. This theatre-maker uses drama across community groups - from the very young to seniors through devices such as games, storytelling and play-building. He continues to take great risks, situating himself at the heart of the growing community theatre industry.

Recommended for:
Drama Educators, Applied Theatre Practitioners, Cultural Workers, Researchers

01 Jul 2017

1500 to 1630


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