Developing Story and Devising Forum Play with Community

Mr Thila Min

Context of Discussion: Young Adults (Ages 17 & Up)

Discover how you can take ownership of the devising process, reveal the experience of community members in a safe way, and share as a group through this workshop.  Using the individual stories that are birthed in the session, participants are challenged to take up the roles of story creator, actor, and audience. By doing so, participants learn to create a safe space (with psychosocial support) for community members to reveal their experiences and develop their story with Image theatre. 

Topic of Interest: #community #devising #appliedtheatre


Thila Min is the co-founder and artistic director, of Thukhuma Khayeethee (TK) Theatre. One of his passions is creating forum theatre with youth in local communities. He has directed and performed in international theatre festivals such as the Stockholm Arts Festival (2010) and Bangkok Theater Festival (2011). In 2012, he received an Asian Cultural Council (New York) Fellowship Award. He has conducted theatre training for youth activists and land activists around Myanmar in 2014-2016. He writes, directs and performs orginal plays with his theatre company and tours throughout Myanmar to raise awareness of water and sanitary hygiene, civic engagement and rule of law. 

Recommended for:
Community Artists, Applied Theatre Artists, Cultural Workers, Programme Leaders

30 Jun 2017

1500 to 1630


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