Crossroads. You. Terrorist

Mr Jeffrey Tan

Context of Discussion: Secondary School & Up (Ages 13 and up)

Terrorism is a reality in today's world. This process drama workshop facilitated by theatre director Jeffrey Tan is based on characters and scenes from his original play. Four friends plan their graduation trip. However, with the rise of terrorism, how will these youths cope with the situation.   

The workshop will raise these questions: What is the role of social media in self-radicalisation? What can young people do to stave off the influence of online and should young people care about such issues? Participants will get to know the characters through the drama and begin to unpack the relationship between social media and radicalisation.

Topic of Interest: #education #processdrama #goingdigital #CCE


Jeffrey is an experienced theatre director, drama educator and arts administrator. He was Resident Director with The Theatre Practice (1997), Drama Lecturer with LASALLE SIA (1999), Associate Artistic Director with Theatreworks (2002), Assistant Director with the National Arts Council (2007) and Assistant Director, People's Association (2012). Currently, Jeffrey is an independent theatre director. He also sits on these panels: National Arts Council's Arts Advisory Panel (2016-2018), NAC External Assessor (2016-2018) and the 'Best Production for the Young' Award for M1-The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards (2016-2018).

Recommended for:
Educators, Applied Theatre Practitioners, Cultural Workers, Community Leaders

30 Jun 2017

1500 to 1630


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